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Jan 2Typical Day at the Office
Jan 4Through The Looking Glass
Jan 6My Time to be a Star
Jan 9Cancelled Leave
Jan 11Cannibals
Jan 13Like a Fruitcake
Jan 16Big Boned
Jan 18Where the Magic Happens
Jan 20Not a Scratch
Jan 23Page 187
Jan 25He Who Fights Monsters
Jan 27Dramatic Effect
Jan 30I got problems.
Feb 1Shh
Feb 3Eh-neeek-chock
Feb 6Negotiations
Feb 8Those Guys
Feb 10Forming Voltron
Feb 13Credit
Feb 15Valentine’s Date
Feb 17Demolitions Expert
Feb 20A little help?
Feb 22Existentialism is hard…
Feb 24Genesis
Feb 27Geranium
Mar 1Brakes Are Important
Mar 3Hayfever
Mar 6Date Night
Mar 8Breakdowns
Mar 10Base Programming
Mar 13Indigestion
Mar 15Point of Infinite Density
Mar 17Out of Sandwiches
Mar 20It’s Organic
Mar 22Beyond the Wormhole
Mar 24Chaste by Sam Panico
Mar 27Guest Strip: Bambii by Bender
Mar 29Guest Strip: Reporting In
Mar 31Awkward
Apr 3A Failed Parody in the Style of Rob Liefeld
Apr 5Liefeld Tribute Week Part II
Apr 7Speculation
Apr 10New assignment… Same as the old…
Apr 12Already Villains
Apr 14Top Brass
Apr 17Surrounded
Apr 19It’s 4/20, dude!
Apr 21An Explanation of Sorts…
Apr 24Time Out
Apr 26Every Creeping Thing
Apr 28Transmission Down
May 1Lucky Guess
May 3Force Choke
May 5Agent DD69
May 8Hi Honey, I’m Home!
May 10Stretchy
May 12Meet your new partner
May 15Specificity
May 17Giger R.I.P.
May 19Everyone Loves Me
May 22Hellcat Pinup: Bambii Springs
May 24Congratulations Graduates
May 26Deck C13
May 29Mom liked you best
May 31Congratulations to Reading Rainbow
Jun 2Stupid is My Middle Name
Jun 5Hellcat Pinup: Charlie Henderson
Jun 7Gratuitous Violence
Jun 9Beware of Brush Monsters
Jun 12Hellcat Photo Pinup: Missy Dawn
Jun 14Fan Service
Jun 16Could you make…
Jun 19Brother vs. Brother
Jun 21Fan Service Part Deux
Jun 23Why’d you have to say that?
Jun 26Cole Slaw
Jun 28Fan Service Part 3
Jun 30None Shall Pass!
Jul 3Hellcat Photo Pinup: Maddie Matthews
Jul 5Barbecue
Jul 7Fan Service part 4
Jul 10Nothing Can Keep Us Apart
Jul 12Fan Service Part 5
Jul 14Life Isn’t Fair
Jul 17Happiest Plant Alive!
Jul 19Not a Cheap Publicity Stunt
Jul 21Systems Check
Jul 24Maybe Another Panel
Jul 26Horrible Nightmares
Jul 28Coordinates
Jul 31What’s Your Type?
Aug 2Shark Week
Aug 4Thus Endeth Shark Week
Aug 7The Bambii Principle
Aug 9Ragtag Bunch of A-Holes
Aug 11Teamwork
Aug 14Left Behind
Aug 16Hip, Topical Humor
Aug 18Never Say That!
Aug 21Hanging Around
Aug 23Challenge Accepted?
Aug 25Encrypted Transmission
Aug 28Survival Techniques
Aug 30She talks too much
Sep 1Sovereign Territory
Sep 4Camaraderie
Sep 6To Boldly Go
Sep 8The odds?
Sep 11Enchanted Castles
Sep 13To Boldy Go, Part 2
Sep 15Service…
Sep 18Enchanted Castles and Cursed Princesses
Sep 20Nanobots
Sep 22Common Ground
Sep 25Fairy Tale Romance
Sep 27Welcome Home 92!
Sep 29What trickery?
Oct 2Chivalry
Oct 4Quarantine Protocols
Oct 6Tragedy
Oct 9A Bear With Glasses
Oct 11Bad Kitty!!!
Oct 13Thought Control
Oct 16Incoming!
Oct 18The Adventures of Fluffy and Andrew
Oct 20Witchery
Oct 23What Curse?
Oct 25Eufemism
Oct 27Petty Nonsense
Oct 30That kind of girl…
Nov 1Trickz or Treat
Nov 3Not a Competition
Nov 6Hellcat Pinup: Damsel Reed
Nov 8Good Times
Nov 10Hellcat Pinup: Chaste
Nov 13Once more, with feeling…
Nov 15Uranus is Trending
Nov 17Landing Party
Nov 20The Digits
Nov 22Comet
Nov 24Gratitude
Nov 27Day at the parade!
Nov 29Teaser
Dec 1Even More Fine
Dec 4Happily Ever Af… $#!†!
Dec 6Genisys
Dec 8Culkin
Dec 11Deja vu?
Dec 15Special?
Dec 18Hellcat Cosplay: Chaste
Dec 20Christmas wishes
Dec 22The Naughty List
Dec 25Last Minute Negotiations
Dec 27Boxing Day
Dec 29Strictly Business