I personally have nothing against Rob Liefeld. I’ve never read any of the books he’s drawn, and he’s had no discernable influence on the comics I do read (unless you maybe count some Transformers by Pat Lee,  but I usually don’t blame anyone but Pat Lee for Pat Lee). In fact, all that Liefeld’s ever done to me is indirectly provide hours of entertainment via this blog post and its equally hilarious sequel, both of which I highly recommend.

I don’t really know why, but Mav and I decided we should draw some Liefeld tributes. It probably stems from our fascination with the aforementioned blog posts, and, for me at least, the self-critical thoughts that creep through while reading them (“hey, I make some of those mistakes too!”) And then it’s a bit trippy trying to mimic a style that you don’t particularly care for. I had to be sure to make his mistakes while avoiding my own, and then deal with the uncomfortable implications when the two would coincide. I also killed my pen.

Then there is the guilt that comes with mocking someone, which to assuage, I would like to go into why my parody here is a failure. First of all, the heart of parody is you want to exaggerate, not understate, the flaws you are mocking. This I have failed to do, turning my work into a weak echo rather than a biting satire. Observe: Grendel is a stern, mighty, manly man. By the standards of Liefeldian biology, his arm should fill the entire page. I have given him a build that would be more suitable for his accountant. And Amaya’s waist? If she’s a Liefeldian female, she appears to be 7 months pregnant.

In my defense, I was unable to complete the Liefeld look because my pen ran out of ink.

This is not our first Liefeld tribute. Mav did one back in Rodentech Adventures, thus cursing me to draw unnecessary pouches for the next 44 pages. He will have another Saturday, and so others can join in the fun, we are planning a future guest week consisting entirely of Liefeldian versions of our characters, because…Ok I still don’t really know why. But if you’d like to do one, please let us know!