Max is right, drawing like this on purpose is a lot harder than it looks!

Welcome to my entry in Rob Liefeld tribute week. Max and I decided it might be fun to devote a week of our break between story arcs to “paying homage” to that great pioneer of comics, Rob Liefeld. We don’t know why, really… it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Ok, it seemed like an idea at the time.

Anyway, we’ll be getting back to the regular story next week. But in the meantime we just think this is fun. So we invite any other artists to thrill of with their version of Liefeldian Hellcats and we’ll run them at some guest week in the future. Come on… you know you want to. You say you don’t want to, but somewhere, in the back of soul, in a place that you don’t like to talk about, you’re thinking “yeah, I gotta try this.” If you of one send it to and we’ll use it.