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Jan 1Rigel New Year
Jan 3Bad Robot!!!
Jan 5Friendly Rivalry
Jan 8Hellcat Cosplay: Amaya
Jan 10not funny
Jan 12Big Misunderstanding
Jan 15Hellcat Cosplay: Damsel
Jan 17Sympathy
Jan 19The Village
Jan 22Hellcat Cosplay: Sarah
Jan 24Thinly Veiled Commentary
Jan 26Max vs. The Flu
Jan 29Hellcat Cosplay: Andrew
Jan 31My Name Is
Feb 2Fourteen, Seven, Thirteen…
Feb 5Hellcat Cosplay: Bambii
Feb 7Arkarkis. Dunn. Desert Planet.
Feb 9Completely Baked
Feb 12Hellcat Cosplay: Sven
Feb 14Rhythmic Walking
Feb 16Quality Stuff
Feb 19Hellcat Cosplay: Delilah
Feb 21Ka’ab J’abbar
Feb 23Snappy Patter
Feb 26Hellcat Cosplay: Pendergrass
Feb 28Do you work for the Baron?
Mar 2A little help…
Mar 5Hellcat Cosplay: Sui’ggiy
Mar 7Atmospheric Anomaly
Mar 9Vulgar Malediction
Mar 12Hellcat Cosplay: Johnson
Mar 14Jealousy
Mar 16Isaiahfortysevenish
Mar 19Hellcat Cosplay: Dominique
Mar 21The Fissure
Mar 23Requiem for the Captains
Mar 26Hellcat Cosplay: Professor H.J. alKhafiz
Mar 28Who the hell is John?
Mar 30Guest Strip: Liefeldian Chaste by Sam Panico
Apr 2Hellcat Cosplay: Kennedy
Apr 4Typical Industy-Sabotaging Stuff
Apr 6Liefeld Tribute: Chaste by Bender
Apr 9Hellcat Cosplay: Katt & Dawg
Apr 11A Taxing Situation
Apr 13New Assignment
Apr 16Hellcat Cosplay: B’rd D’vessa
Apr 18Amnesia Gun
Apr 20Fees and Surcharges
Apr 23Hellcat Cosplay: Kitty Hawk
Apr 254-20…five…
Apr 27Street Interrogation
Apr 30Hellcat Cosplay: Tybalt
May 2Hellcat Cosplay: Tony Stark
May 4The Big Fat Term Paper, a Katt & Mav yarn
May 7The Big Fat Term Paper: Part 2
May 9At the shooting range
May 11Good Cop/Bad Cop/Sexy Cop
May 14Hellcat Cosplay: Dana Ramirez
May 16Felinoid Iconography
May 18Creative Mutiny
May 21Hellcat Cosplay: Horace & Minerva Henderson
May 23I want to believe
May 25#PlantLivesMatter
May 28Hellcat Cosplay: Fluffy
May 30Nature Is Horrible
Jun 1Due Process
Jun 4Hellcat Cosplay: Trix Martin
Jun 6Hmph.
Jun 11Hellcat Cosplay: T’Kane & Starf’ish
Jun 13Demographic
Jun 15Reasonable Doubt
Jun 18Hellcat Cosplay: Grendel
Jun 20Spoilers
Jun 22Testimony
Jun 25Hellcat Cosplay: Frank
Jun 27Only Half
Jun 29Long live the Green!
Jul 2Hellcat Cosplay: Pops
Jul 6Shark Week Just Got Serious
Jul 9Hellcat Cosplay: Sayla and Marz
Jul 11#deepdreams of Damsel
Jul 13Disavowment
Jul 16Hellcat Cosplay: Lucy
Jul 18#deepdreams by Fluffy
Jul 20Objections
Jul 23Hellcat Cosplay: Bella
Jul 25Committee
Jul 27The Ruling
Jul 30Hellcat Cosplay: R’mtz
Aug 1Those Guys Ruin Everything
Aug 3A Leader by Example
Aug 6Hellcat Cosplay: Riley
Aug 8Politics as Usual
Aug 10NEW New Assignment
Aug 13Hellcat Cosplay: Shiima X’on
Aug 15Machiavellian
Aug 17Introductions are in order
Aug 20Hellcat Cosplay: Nikki
Aug 22Brain in a Jar
Aug 24Just a little harmless fan service…
Aug 27Hellcat Cosplay: Glory Gold
Aug 29Poll Numbers
Aug 31Enough is enough!
Sep 3Hellcat Cosplay: Vixen Anders
Sep 5Profiles in Courage
Sep 7Payload Anomaly
Sep 10Booth Babe?
Sep 12Hellcats Invade Wizard World Pittsburgh
Sep 14Great Scott!!!
Sep 17Hellcat Photo Pinup: Juliet Catulet
Sep 19The Aventures of Andrew and Sui’ggiy at Comic-con
Sep 21Best Laid Plans
Sep 24Hellcat Photo Pinup: Lucy Z’Rxnrz
Sep 26Not our finest hour
Sep 28Whom Gods Destroy
Oct 1Hellcat Photo Pinup: Andrew
Oct 3Platformer
Oct 5Stockholmy…
Oct 8The Insult That Made a Cat out of Cam!
Oct 10It’s that time of year
Oct 12Errr… well… ah…
Oct 15The Insult That Made a Tabby Out of Tiny
Oct 17Damsel in Distress
Oct 19Duo Sex Enter Special Cop Relations
Oct 22The Insult that Made a Bully out of Barry
Oct 24A New Hope
Oct 26Assets?
Oct 29The Insult That Made a Babe out of Beth
Oct 31Lamest Costume Ever
Nov 2Rocket Scientist?
Nov 5Pound City?
Nov 7Closure
Nov 9Organized Labor
Nov 12Security
Nov 14BWV 666
Nov 16Perfect Landing?
Nov 19Netflix and… you get it
Nov 21A Brave New World
Nov 23Huge Planet
Nov 26Opportunity Knocks
Nov 28Turkey Day Pirates
Nov 30Scarlet Begonias
Dec 3Contract Negotiations
Dec 5Netflixbingitis
Dec 7The Final Frontier
Dec 10The Chandler Ballroom
Dec 12A Serious Condition
Dec 14Foregone Conclusion
Dec 17Choco Rio Grande
Dec 21Force Awakens, Comic Sleeps…
Dec 24Gnocchi To Die For
Dec 26Hellcat Pinup: Merry Christmas!
Dec 28One More Thing
Dec 31Check Please