One of the original reasons I invented Katt and Dawg was that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to explore telling a story with dark, stylized artwork. Over time I developed into a kind of hybrid between our normal manga inspired style and Frank Miller’s Sin City style. Katt & Dawg became one of my favorite parts of the strip. If you remember, we first introduced them way back during Da Kitty Code, which Max drew. Obviously, since that was part of the main comic, the normal style had to be used, and Max has apparently been dying to try his take at the experimental noir style ever since. He did get a shot with a single Hellcat Cosmos one-off a year ago, but he really wanted to try a whole story and had been asking me to write one for him ever since.

Well here it is.

Max is drawing these digitally (usually he draws on paper and digital drawings are my thing) and using a different program and style than I normally you. I’m really excited to see where it goes. I hope you all are too.

Welcome to “Katt & Dawg: Let There Be War”, a Cosmic Hellcat Yarn.