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Jan 1Put your backs into it
Jan 5I’m gonna tell Dad!
Jan 8A little trick I learned in Alpha Centauri
Jan 12A Dingo’s Arse
Jan 15Eat Power Cosmic!
Jan 19Please tell me you built us a flying car!
Jan 22I ain’t got time to bleed!
Jan 26Get off my obstacle
Feb 2The Ultimate Nullificator
Feb 5Don’t go dissing science!
Feb 9Time for dinner
Feb 12Will it work?
Feb 16You can’t just go firing reality pulses at stuff
Feb 19Boom!
Feb 23All systems online
Feb 26Combat Simulations
Mar 2Earth Date
Mar 5The Lesbiverse
Mar 9Too old for this $#!†
Mar 12Three weeks til retirement
Mar 16Save yourselves! Woe is me!
Mar 19Thrusters failing. Shields at 32% and falling. We’re screwed
Mar 23Sit back and leave the driving to me
Mar 26Smartship strike
Mar 30Hot Pink Science Ninja Action
Apr 6Do we have a deal?
Apr 9A rescue mission
Apr 11String Theory
Apr 13Red Uniforms
Apr 16You have to appreciate our situation
Apr 18Andrew’s Favorite Game
Apr 20Right here where it’s safest
Apr 23Swamp Zombie!
Apr 27You have your orders
Apr 30Punch It!
May 2Omaha’s Secret
May 4Not too late to turn around
May 7We Got Pirates
May 9Sgt. Kitty and her Meowing Commandos
May 11The Freeship Vagabond
May 14Round up the cannon fodder
May 16Girls Night Out: Part 1
May 18Your brother is a hellcat?
May 21True love isn’t about names
May 23Sui’ggiy’s blog
May 25You’re gonna rub curse off on me!
May 28I’ll be just fine on my own
May 30Beer Goggles
Jun 1Bring on the pirates
Jun 4A bit o’ ambiance
Jun 6Andrew undercover
Jun 8If we’re not back…
Jun 11You have some issues
Jun 13A Time Machine
Jun 15Stop your yellow belly whining
Jun 18Establish a perimeter
Jun 20Faulty engineering
Jun 22Resist the temptation to direct your ocular organs downward
Jun 25Amazing grace how sweet the sound…
Jun 27Battledroid Instincts
Jun 29Photon torpedos armed
Jul 2Prepare the welcome mat
Jul 4Hoses?
Jul 6A blue lagoon
Jul 9The best day of my life
Jul 11Sushi
Jul 13Amnesia
Jul 16How do you feel?
Jul 18Myspace
Jul 20Fuel Speed Ahead!
Jul 23Bestest Captain in the Universe!
Jul 25Alien
Jul 27I will find you
Jul 30Just because I’m petite that don’t mean I can’t throw down
Aug 1Rigellian Beauty Pageant
Aug 3It’ll grow back
Aug 6Killing you was never the plan
Aug 8Playship
Aug 10Ninja Weapons
Aug 15Indecent proposal
Aug 17Keep an eye out for traps
Aug 20Entrapment
Aug 22Opera
Aug 24Go ‘Bama, Roll tide!
Aug 27Badass captain attitude
Aug 31I like girls
Sep 3The Corsair’s Heart
Sep 5The Rigors of Science
Sep 7Of course it’s cursed
Sep 10Go to hell, Arkady
Sep 12Open Stage
Sep 14Sexy Beast
Sep 17A good run
Sep 19A new game
Sep 21I only weigh 108 lbs.
Sep 24You ate my arm!?!?
Sep 26Poker
Sep 28Shock
Oct 1I am the brig
Oct 3Do you like my hat?
Oct 5I have been waiting for this a very long time
Oct 8We’re just about to start having fun
Oct 10Planet of the Boys: Part 1
Oct 12One little, two little, three little Hellsluts
Oct 15Where’s the lightning?
Oct 17Emergency Broadcast Vixens
Oct 19This surgery stuff gets very stressful
Oct 22In Ceiling Cat’s Hands
Oct 24Planet of the Boys: Part 2
Oct 26My heart is beating so fast
Oct 29You can fly a smartship?
Oct 31Subpar Pumpkin Patch
Nov 2Bottles of beer on the wall
Nov 5Flat tire
Nov 7Consulting
Nov 9What does it do?
Nov 12No way in hell
Nov 14Mail Call: Part 1
Nov 16Oil Change
Nov 19Let’s get this show on the road
Nov 21Mail Call: Part 2
Nov 23Miss Bambii and Mr. Fluffy
Nov 26Cowabunga!
Nov 28Mail Call: Part 3
Nov 30Pirate Law
Dec 3Last Words
Dec 5Mail Call: Part 4
Dec 7In the name of the moon, we will punish him
Dec 10You’re so strong and captainy
Dec 12The Dawn of the Cat
Dec 14You’ve kissed worse
Dec 17TMI!
Dec 19Desert Island Weapons
Dec 21It was you all along?
Dec 24I’ll haunt your graves
Dec 26Define Naughty
Dec 28My insurance is gonna go through the roof
Dec 31Who needs sensors?