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May 3A Tiny Blip
May 5You Said It, Sister!
May 8Closer?
May 12Anything Weird
May 15R and R
May 18Is anybody out there?
May 22There’s no such thing as giant space eyeballs
May 25Quality Boobs
May 29We’re Going Giant Hunting
Jun 2Do you think it’s big enough?
Jun 5You’d shoot your eye out
Jun 9Fasten Seatbelts
Jun 12HOOJ!
Jun 16Nothing normal going on here
Jun 19Be ready for anything
Jun 23Who’s that behind you?
Jun 26Please don’t kill me
Jun 30Cognac?
Jul 3Happy Fourth of July
Jul 7Do the backseats work?
Jul 10Debriefing
Jul 14Get your damn pants on
Jul 21This is insanity
Jul 24Teach you some manners
Jul 28Mostly Harmless
Jul 31Come when you’re paged
Aug 4Show of hands
Aug 7Something you don’t see everyday
Aug 11Where’s Sarah?
Aug 14They’d call
Aug 18Twenty Questions
Aug 21I think you’re amazing
Aug 25You like?
Aug 28Surveillance
Sep 4Warming Up
Sep 8Real Fun
Sep 10Say my name!
Sep 15Mr. Happy
Sep 18I’m not here
Sep 22This is SO not fair!
Sep 25Plan of attack
Sep 29Mississippi Queen
Oct 2Bad Kitty
Oct 6Not very nice
Oct 9My stupid brother
Oct 13Tailoring
Oct 16Incoming Transmission
Oct 20What’s a foo fighter?
Oct 23Purple Haze
Oct 27Never speak of this again
Oct 30Incoming Transmission… No Really!
Nov 3Tea & Crumpets
Nov 6Pitter Patter of Giant Feet
Nov 10Oh look, a hole!
Nov 13Little Green Bag
Nov 17Good Riddance
Nov 20Schmiel Schmazel Hasenpfeffer Incorporated
Nov 24Appletinis
Nov 27Meanwhile, back on the ship…
Dec 1Echo
Dec 4We’re going to play a game
Dec 8Hi-ho, Hi-ho!
Dec 1110…9…8…7…6…
Dec 155…4…3…2…
Dec 18Stop squirming
Dec 22Spoiled Brat
Dec 25You’re supposed to play nice
Dec 29Mine!