Well, here it is: The first edition of Hellcat Cosmos, our new extra Saturday dose to fill the long, long gap between Thursday and Monday. It’s a bit of a non sequitur, an outside-the-story glance at the hellcat universe from some random angle.
Unlike the regular strip, it doesn’t take two people to do one of these, which is why only my name’s at the bottom. I’m happy with the chance to flex my writing neurons (it’s a nice, gentle flexing, needing only seven words) . And Mav is looking forward to doing some drawing, once he catches up on about a zillion other projects, so Hellcat Cosmos won’t always be by me.
Anyway, we hope you enjoy it. Your regularly scheduled full-color action-packed Cosmic Hellcat Adventures will continue Monday.
p.s. Thanks to Mike and Tom for their cool title suggestions (cooler than “Hellcat Cosmos” in many ways, but I had to go with my gut :) )