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Jan 1Rescuing Ken?
Jan 4The Litany of Trump
Jan 6Maximum Possible Coldness
Jan 8“Excited”?
Jan 11Sometimes a pinup is just a pinup
Jan 13It’s warm out!
Jan 15The Harrowing Emptiness and Futility of Existence
Jan 18Tide Really?
Jan 20It was a dark and Stormy night
Jan 22He doesn’t stand a chance
Jan 25Arts and Culture: Br’d Dvessa
Jan 27Ominous
Jan 29Second Thoughts
Feb 1SOTU2018
Feb 3Malfunction
Feb 5The Pointiest
Feb 8SpaceX?
Feb 10Shiny
Feb 12The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step… and another… and another…
Feb 15Happy Black Panther Day
Feb 17Carnivorous
Feb 19Regular Old Space Station
Feb 22Stoneman Douglas…
Feb 24Pyramid
Mar 1Avoiding Paperwork
Mar 3Donutz
Mar 5Two Things Can Both Be True
Mar 8Stormy Weather
Mar 10The Hilarity or the Horror
Mar 12Cave of Plt’devyce
Mar 15In Memoriam: Stephen Hawking
Mar 17ON R OWN
Mar 19Barrel Roll
Mar 22March Madness
Mar 24Gaping Maw
Mar 26Post-traumatic Netflix Disorder
Mar 29Cheap Plug: Vox Popcast
Apr 2You can do better
Apr 5Bubblecat Crisis
Apr 7Night Sky
Apr 9The Magic Word
Apr 12Shameless Cross Promotion: Vox Popcast
Apr 14Weird
Apr 16O. M. G.
Apr 19End of the Semester Blues
Apr 21Through the Looking Glass
Apr 23Ruining Westworld
Apr 26Rated ∞
Apr 30No spoilers, again
May 3Fashion Forward
May 5Silent Ziggaruts
May 7Say it!
May 10End of the Semester GRADING Blues
May 12Please Service Battery
May 14Vixen…
May 17Modesty?
May 19WTF
May 24Amaya Flux
May 26Solo
May 28Bad Dream
May 31Subtle?
Jun 2iPhone
Jun 4more iPhone
Jun 7Football in June
Jun 9Making out is hard to do
Jun 11Nuclear Summit
Jun 14Toxic Fandom
Jun 16High Luminosity
Jun 18I guess it’s summer now
Jun 21Yeah… we have kids in cages now….
Jun 23“Space Guard”
Jun 25Fifth Time’s the Charm
Jun 28The Intergalactic Cup
Jun 30How To Destroy The Sun
Jul 2That’s just crazy enough to fail!
Jul 5Katty Independence Day
Jul 7Trade War
Jul 9how long wuz you watchin me?
Jul 12More before breakfast…
Jul 14Worried
Jul 19Contractional Obligations
Jul 21Space Tweet
Jul 23Teh werd of teh Lord
Jul 26It’s That Easy…
Jul 28Invested
Jul 30Practice
Aug 2Chaste-Ra
Aug 4Mistake
Aug 6Standing There in Flames
Aug 9Spit Balling!
Aug 11Movies People Actually Watch
Aug 13Space Force Again
Aug 16Not Ruby Rose!!!
Aug 18Intervention
Aug 20Thoughtform Gig
Aug 23The problem with plea deals…
Aug 27Nothing Funny
Aug 30What day is it?
Sep 1Off Course
Sep 6ƒµ¢&ing Hackers!
Sep 8Ditto
Sep 10La Resistánce
Sep 13Too Early
Sep 15I know how to fix this
Sep 17Zero
Sep 20The Plague
Sep 22Way to go Jets
Sep 24Mewtwo
Sep 27Outing Puppets
Sep 29Psychiatric And Political Advice Are the Same Thing
Oct 1The FBI
Oct 4Why???
Oct 6The Real World
Oct 8Hobby
Oct 11Hellcat Cosplay 2018: Frank
Oct 13Ode To Uranus
Oct 15Almost Halloween
Oct 18Hellcat Cosplay 2018: Dominique
Oct 22Lamentations
Oct 25Hellcat Cosplay 2018: Kennedy
Oct 27Getting Around
Nov 1Hellcat Cosplay 2018: Chaste
Nov 8Seriously, why?