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Jan 2Happy New Years 2017!
Jan 5Rigellian Jeopardy
Jan 7On Leave
Jan 9Them Hills
Jan 12Rigellian Double Jeopardy!
Jan 14Little Johnny
Jan 16Cat and Mouse (bots)
Jan 19Rigellian Final Jeopardy
Jan 21Inauguration
Jan 23Cats Walk Catwalks
Jan 26Alternative Hair
Jan 28Crown Prince
Jan 30Not the way back…
Feb 2Executive Orders
Feb 4Airport Security
Feb 6Common Mistake
Feb 9Executive Twitter
Feb 11Word problems
Feb 13Chaste Against The Dark Side
Feb 16The Trump Just Keep On Giving
Feb 18Netflix and Chill
Feb 20So Precise
Feb 23Trappist-1
Feb 25Oops
Feb 27For Luck
Mar 2Oscar Recounts and Obscure References
Mar 4Scandalous
Mar 6Unmentionables
Mar 9Cabinet Considerations
Mar 11Shhh…it’s a secret
Mar 13Which Way Do We Go?
Mar 16Not a Trump joke
Mar 18The Big Dance
Mar 20One More Storm Trooper Joke