So quite a while ago, I made a post in the blog about how I’d be working on a companion book to Hellcats that I was calling Katt and Dawg. I actually wrote and pencilled it during 24 hour comic day in 2010. But that’s as far as I got. Didn’t have time to ink it or work on it much at all. Sometime later, the main two characters from that book ended up showing up in the main strip here and I started thinking I really really really really wanted to finish that book. So I started working on it in my spare time. I’m actually pretty closed to finished now.

When it’s done, Katt and Dawg will be a 24 page standalone paper comic. It’s going to be a lot more adult oriented than what you see in the main Hellcats strip, meaning Katt and Dawg get to be themselves. In other words, there are lots of naughty words, nudity and gratuitous killing… but you know… in a fun way. Kind of what you saw in the Raining Katt and Dawg mini-arc I did a little while ago, but more so. I don’t intend to publish it to the web (we like to try to keep things PG-13 here), but I figured I’d sell it at the comic conventions that Max and I go to and maybe make it available for order on the website here just like our other books in the Hellcats bookstore (which you should totally check out and order copies if you don’t have them).

A sample of one of the pages is below. Just to give you a taste. So, anyway, what do people think. Would you be interested in the uncensored adventures of Katt and Dawg?


a sample page from Katt and Dawg

a work-in-progress sample page from Katt and Dawg,