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I had this idea a while back to make a Cosmic Hellcats RPG, probably based on the d20 system. I worked on some basics for like one night and then never touched it again, but for some strange reason today I just feel the urge to do it again. I don’t even know if people would want such a thing. But it’s just totally stuck in my head. Maybe a lot of it is just me wanting to flesh out the mechanics of the Hellcats Universe a little farther. Or maybe I’m just feeling particularly geeky. I dunno. I’m in into it.

You know, because like the other 1 million things I’m working on aren’t sucking up enough of my life.

Anyway, the question is, would other people actually be interested in such a thing? And if I were to do it, how involved would it need to be. Does a roll-your-own RPG need to be complete and full featured (meaning would I have to have a big huge thing like d20 Modern or Dungeons and Dragons), or do people get the basic concept of d20 and having a small pamphlet like my favorite role playing game, the original Macho Women With Guns (which frankly might be good enough to be a Hellcats game in and of itself). How detailed would people want it to be? What types of characters and mechanics should be covered? Would anyone ever actually even play such a game?

Does it need to be a print book or would it be cool to be a digital book for Kindles and iPads? (maybe the whole iPad iBooks stuff that came out yesterday is what has me thinking about this in the first place).

And of course, are you willing to wait around for years til I actually get around to finishing such a thing? (Like Katt and Dawg, which I posted about earlier, and which I swear, I’ll have done soon… really… I totally will… honest engine!)

What do you think?