You may have noticed that today’s Satuday edition of Hellcats Cosmos is in color, like Cosmic Hellcats Adventures, while normally they’re in black and white. Well, there’s a good reason for that. No, we’re not moving to color Satudays, because frankly the effort that goes into that sort of thing is killing us as it is. Nope, this is a special gift to my mom in honor of Mother’s Day.

When we first started Cosmos, the idea was to both give you guys, the readers, an idea of the Hellcats Universe beyond what you see in the main strip. We figured we could show some backstory and flesh out some characters without interrupting the ongoing story. It also meant that it would give Max a chance to write some of the strips and me a chance to draw some. Something that both of us have been wanting to switch off on for quite some time. 
The only problem was that I’ve been so busy with the strip and with other projects that I hadn’t had a chance to draw one. But, last week, when I realized Mother’s Day was coming up I had an idea. 
For those who don’t know, the character of Admiral Kitty is based on my mother, who had been begging me to appear in the strip for quite some time. And of course, ever since she first appeared, she’s been begging for more. Well, as a special Mother’s Day present, i thought I’d surprise her by putting her in a starring role of her very own strip. Well, a one panel one, and figured I’d even make it in color.
So Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you.
And happy mother’s to all the baby’s mommas out there. And all the momma’s mommas. 
Enjoy the special color Cosmos, a look at the past of the Cosmic Hellcats team during the third intergalactic war. Come back on Monday to see Adventures continue and come back next week to see another peek at the Hellcat’s Cosmos.