In the process of learning to become a hot, successful webcomicker, I spend a lot of time looking for other comics to enjoy and learn from. Sadly, there are thousands to choose from and it’s surprisingly rare how often I find one that captures my interest. Here are a couple awesome exceptions that I’ve found over the last few weeks.

Like too many webcomics, this is the story of a couple of kids who like video games. However, it’s funnier than most I’ve run across. The characters are cute and likeable and personally I appreciate their love of coffee, when in other places so often the love of beer is glorified. I’m more of a coffee guy. There are also lots of ninjas and pirates, so that doesn’t hurt. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the story and can’t wait for what happens next–but I have to, because the one flaw of Paradox Lost is that it doesn’t update super-regularly and seems to be in the midst of a long gap at the moment. Still, I recommend visiting the webcomic list and subscribing to Paradox Lost so you can be notified when it does update. (And while you’re at it, why not subscribe to Cosmic Hellcats, too? 🙂
If you read far enough into Paradox Lost, you will see some spectacular artwork.
It’s not often that I actually LOL when reading comics, but Precocious is seriously funny. It follows the exploits of a bunch of gifted school children who for no particular reason happen to be animals (just like the Hellcats!) The characters are awesomely adorable and the stories are very engaging. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a comic strip this much since Bill Watterson retired. Seriously, go read it.
Here’s the link to subscribe at TWCL, which I am apparently also plugging, since it’s the site I use to keep track of the comics I read.