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Just today my mother (who the debuting character of Admiral Kitty is based on) asked me how to vote to make the comic more popular.
If my own mother doesn’t understand that, then I figure we’re really in trouble. So I decided maybe it was time to remind people. The four buttons across the top of the main page of this site show our ranking on various webcomic ranking sites. If you click on them, you make us more popular and thus we can make more money and then bring you more comics. Everyone wins!
Each site has a slightly different voting mechanism.
  • The Web Comic List – Is a comic management system. Just by clicking the button, you improve our rank. Once there you can create an account if you want, and favorite Hellcats, and other comics and it’ll let you know when they update and give you recommendations for other comics you might enjoy. (if you mark us as a favorite, our rank improves even more, and it’s better at recommending other comics to you).
  • Webcomic Planet – Another webcomic management system. Works like the first. Click to improve our rank and create an account and favorite us to improve us even further and get recommendations.�
  • Webcomiz – Is a webcomic voting system. It has some management features, but you need to click then enter in a CAPTCHA to prove you’re a real person. It’s less about personal recommendations and more just about telling you what’s popular.�
  • Top Web Comics – Another voting system, this time with an avatar based CAPTCHA.
Voting on Top Web Comics and Webcomic Planet will give you access to a different Hellcats bonus page everytime you vote. Sadly, the other don’t allow that option, but still, its good for us, and that makes it good for you.
So go ahead and make sure you vote for us on each one once per day. And tell all your friends to come here and read the comic and vote too. The sooner we’re getting 1 million views a day, the sooner Max and I can quit our day jobs and start working on an animated Hellcats cartoon! Wouldn’t that be great?
OH! And be sure to come back Saturday for the debut of our new weekly side comic feature!