We’ve got something special planned soon–as soon as Saturday, assuming we can get some technical issues worked out by then.

For a while now, Mav and I have wanted to add a third strip to our weekly output. But given the time it takes to draw/color/letter a strip, and the fact that we have day jobs, it’s just not practical, at least without severely compromising the quality of the strip, which we refuse to do. We thought about doing one in black and white, with a stadard 4-panel daily type format, as a parallel storyline, but that would be nearly as much work and it would be hard to tell a story with just four panels per week.
Then the thought came to me today (with a big “duh”), what about a single panel cartoon, a la The Far Side? It would be free from the constraints of an ongoing story, so we’d be able to visit characters we haven’t seen in a while, explore other aspects of the Hellcats universe, and (hopefully) come up with some good gags that aren’t really available in the context of the main story.
So we’re going to give it a try. If all goes according to plan, Cosmic Hellcat Adventures will continue to publish Monday and Thursday, and on Saturday we’ll add…the new cartoon. Whatever it’s called. We were thinking, “Cosmic Hellcat Universe,” or “Cosmic Hellcat Vignettes,” but we haven’t yet found a title that we really like. Any suggestions?