9-30-07 (9-30-87?)

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So back before there was a Cosmic Hellcats, I was just a photographer. One lucky enough to be friends with some of the hottest models ever. Those models became the Hellcats. But before they were the Hellcats, they were my friends.

So one day Sarah called me out of the blue and asked me if I’d like to dress up in 80s clothes and go and audition to be extras in a movie. I had the day free so we did. And we nailed it.

That movie, Adventureland comes out tomorrow (the movie poster on this image is a fake that we put together that day just to commemorate the audition). So everyone should go see it and see if they can spot us. And if you do come back here and let us know.

Also, remember when Sarah used to write her Ask Sarah! column? She stopped because people stopped writing her questions. I’d love to see that come back. So if you have a question about love, science, the universe or sex, then please write her at asksarah@cosmichellcats.com. You know you want to.