Notice something a little different about the artwork? Today we’re starting a brand new chapter in the world of Hellcats. As you know if you’ve been reading for the last year or so, Monday comics are Cosmic Hellcat Adventures by Max and me. Saturdays are Hellcat Cosmos, which is usually by Max on his own. And Thursdays have been a side strip starring other characters by me. But the idea has been for a while to expand not just the Hellcat Universe on Thursdays but also the creative team.

That starts today.

We’d like to welcome aboard Samantha Collier. You might remember that Sam did a guest pinup for us a while back, and we loved it so much that we asked her to do a side strip. So for the next couple months, on Thursdays we’ll be following the (mis)adventures of the CH-7 (That’s Nikki, Mickey, Bambii and Charlie) in a strip written by me and drawn by Sam.

So please welcome Sam aboard and make sure you let us know if you like it, that way she sticks around.