Welcome to the fifth year of Cosmic Hellcat Adventures. You might have noticed a few changes. The most obvious one is probably that the strip is fullpage. We’re going to try something different this year. That means every episode of the new story arc (which we’re calling “The Chronicles of the Fellowship of Oznia” by the way) will be a full sized page. Very comic booky. This will mean that a lot of you will probably have to scroll to see it in your browser, but remember, you can always click on any comic to get a lightbox popup of it that will just take up one screen.

We’ve also recently turned off the requirement to register for the site to leave comments (though you still can register if you’d like to be logged in automatically). So if you have something against that (or logging in with Facebook or twitter) and that has kept you from commenting before, now you have NO EXCUSE! So let us know what you think. We want to know what you’re liking and not liking about the story.

Check back here on Thursday for another exciting new thing we’re doing this year.