Just like at Pittsburgh Comicon, I did a bunch of digital sketches at Wizard World Philly this time around so I thought it’d be cool to post them again just like I did last time. I figured I’d start with one of my favorites. So here’s a sketch i did of Wonder Girl, one of my favorite characters. Wow… I’ve come quite a ways since I first started playing around with all digital sketching and did Wondergirl, with Wonder Woman a ways back.

Usually I sketch in black and white at cons, maybe with a splash of color, but this one just felt like it wanted to be in color. I’ve been selling these as 4×6 prints, but I should really put together a bunch of sketch cards. For no other reason than sketch cards are just kinda cool.

Anyway, what do you think? I wonder if I should make my little sketches available for purchase online through my Deviant Art account or something.