Well, might as well post the last thing I sketched while I was at Pittsburgh Comicon. This is Donna Troy. I’ve been thinking I should sit down and do a series of sketch cards. Putting a little more care into them than I can when I’m sitting at a convention table. So here’s the question for you. What would be cooler for my first series? Batman characters (I did a whole bunch of Batman sketches at a con a while back. Never posted them here. maybe I should), the Uncanny X-men, Avengers (which I think Max might very well be working on now), Teen Titans, JLA? Or something else? Looking for good ideas here. What do people think? I should totally do a whole sketch car series of like Doom Patrol. Or better yet “People who died in the bar with No Name!” Because drawing stuff that no one else gets is cool!

Oh, and what do you think of Donna here too?