Are you one of those new fangled elite people who hate Facebook and are now on Google+? Or maybe you’re on both? Well, we now have a Google+ fan page, so if you’re on there, you should follow us (or friend us or circle us or whatever it is the kids say these days). You can find our G+ fan page here. We’re also now set so that you can use your G+ account to log in here. Just create a Hellcats account by clicking Register on the left and link it to your G+ account when you’re asked. You can also link to your Twitter or Facebook accounts and use them to log in instead or you can just log in and comment with a Cosmic Hellcats account. In any case, you should definitely register and comment here as much as you can so we know what you like and don’t.

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter, our Facebook fan page can be found here. It had been broken up til recently, but now, if you follow it, it will tell you whenever there’s a new post here, and sometimes we post about other stuff, and you can follow us on twitter @cosmichellcats. (and you can follow Mav’s personal account at @chrismaverick or Max at @hellcatmax. Max also has an account for his band at @ShuttRdown, where he posts way more often than the basically never that he uses his personal twitter account). So follow all of those. And if you’re already following us on all of those places, well, tell all your friends to. How else are we ever going to be the most popular comic in the universe? And you do want that, right? RIGHT?!?!

Oh, and finally, we’ll be debuting a new banner at comic book conventions this year, along with our new books. The image on this post is a sneak peak of that. Feel free to download it and use it as your desktop wallpaper. You know, because you love us that much.