I had so much fun doing the Wonder Woman Tuesday Sketch last week that I figured I’d try it again this week. At the very least, I figured, it’d be good to practice my quick sketching.
Last week’s sketch was done entirely on the computer with my Wacom Sketch Tablet, so this week I decided to go a different direction. I used to love freehand sketching, so I got out my graphite drawing sticks (funky, all graphite drawing pencils for those who don’t know) and waited for them to announce the Tuesday Sketch on Twitter
Well, it turns out the Tuesday Sketch is normally done by an entirely different website. So after I sorted that out, I took the “secret ingredient” (a nod to Iron Chef) – which was “fairies” this week – and went to work on my sketch for this week.
As I said, I went in a different direction this time. Rather than drawing the whole thing on computer, I did the initial sketch with good old pencil (well graphite stick) and paper. After completing the freehand sketch I scanned it and quickly colored it with the wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. And what you see to the right is the results (as always, you can click it to enlarge it).
Another note about the drawing. In my mind magical fairies don’t wear clothes. There just really doesn’t seem to be any point to it. But, in an effort to keep both this and the Tuesday Sketch website at least somewhat worksafe, I figured I’d make a small concession and so they have tiny little translucent outfits. It’s the least I can do.
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