Cosmic Hellcats wasn’t always supposed to be a webcomic. Originally we premiered it as a one-shot for Pittsburgh Comicon 2008. We had so much fun with it that we decided to keep going and that’s how this webcomic was born.

This year we’re returning to Pittsburgh Comicon to premiere the release of the Cosmic Hellcats Adventures compilations. If you love Cosmic Hellcats and would like a bound version of the strips you see here, then these comics are for you.
But we need your help. In order to publish the comics we need to $1200 in preorders by April 18th. That’s where you come in. If you enjoy this strip and would like a copy of it, then please visit our pledge site and pledge to help us with printing.
We’re not looking for handouts. Essentially what we’re asking is for you to buy the books. All pledges of $10 or more will receive not only either the “A Giant Mess” or “Ninjas vs. Pirates” storylines, but also a free copy of the original Cosmic Hellcats IX comic that started it all. Pledges of $30 or more will receive a bound trade paperback that contains both stories, as well as being chocked full of a bunch of extras, (pinups, photoshoots and sketches) not available in the regular editions. Pledges or more will get you thinks like posters and original artwork. And everything you’re buying will come signed by both Max and Mav. If we meet our goal then you’ll be receiving everything you bought soon after. If we don’t meet our goal then you won’t be charged anything.
We’re really excited about this project and really looking forward to seeing the girls in print once again. So please, visit our pledge site for details and thank you once again for your continued support of Cosmic Hellcats. 
Hoping you’re enjoying this new storyline as much as we’re enjoying bringing it to you.