I almost wish I’d come up with this idea myself.
As you probably know, many of the characters in Cosmic Hellcats are based on models I know in real life. In fact, the very premise of the comic of the comic was just inspired by wanting to do a photoshoot with the girls in their space ninja outfits. For about two seconds I considered the idea of doing a photocomic with the girls instead of having Max draw it.
For about two seconds…
Then I realized how monumentally painful and time-consuming that was going to be. 
So I’m in awe of Union of Heroes. You might remember that Arne, the creator of UOH filled in with a guest strip a couple weeks ago. Well if you didn’t check Union of Heroes out then, you should now.
Basically, the idea is that Marc, a regular guy without much going on in his life, is hanging out in his apartment one day when a superhero from another world teleports in and tells him that in an alternate reality he is the worlds greatest superhero. Sadly, his otherworld counterpart has gone missing, but there are grave dangers afoot and the world needs him. So Marc is teleported to this other world where he must not learn to control with emerging abilities and cope in a world which he knows very little about (despite being considered its greatest hero). With the help of supporting heroes, he must deal with everything from villains to impressing the girl of his dreams, who of course in his own world is just-a-friend(you know what it’s like). 
Union of Heroes is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to be a superhero but has felt stuck in their own mundane life. It’s like the TV show Heroes, but entrenched in a much geekier world. Just like the one every comic fan lives in. It’s clever and creative and certainly worth looking into. From concept to execution the whole thing is just brilliant. So go check them out. And tell them that Cosmic Hellcats sent you.