Time to take a look at another comic. 
This one is special. Not only is produced in Pittsburgh, much like your beloved Hellcats, but it’s produced by Barry Linck, who hangs out at my neighborhood comic shop, Phantom of the Attic. That has nothing to do with the strip, of course, but I’m amused by the connection.
Anyway, Phineus is the story of a Dungeons and Dragon’s style mage, but pushed into a modern setting. The dichotomy of this situation leads him into many an adventure. In fact, Phineus’s adventures have been building up since 1991. That’s right, 1991.
Unlike most webcomics, (however, much like Hellcats) Phineus has it’s roots in print comics. The webcomics are actually reprints of pages that Linck has done over the years collected for the world wide internet audience.
Phineus isn’t just an interesting read. It’s more than that, it’s basically a clinic on showing other webcomic creators what is possible with the medium. How to craft a story, how to cross promote with other comics, how to create extras to spruce up your site and publishing your stories in print. Beyond that, it’s a good read, especially if you enjoy longevity of story and world building. Check it out today.