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A few weeks ago, Max and I decided to join the Webcomic Planet Collective. It’s a community of webcomic artists like us who have banded together for mutual support, cross promotion and maybe even getting drunk and picking up chicks. Ok, that last part wasn’t in the charter, but what the hell, one can dream right?
It’s actually been really good for us. Aside from having some good incoming links from others sites, it’s given me and Max the chance to do something we really love. Namely, check out other webcomics. We agreed to work with the others in reviewing each others comics over the next several months. Our first assignment was Capes-N-Babes. I definitely couldn’t be happier about that.
Well, frankly because it’s basically like cheating. You see, I actually started reading Capes-N-Babes before we joined the Collective. I love it.
Something that may not surprise you is, I read comic books. As such, on Wednesdays (world-reknowned as the holy New Comic Day), I go and hang out at my local comic book shop. In fact, as a kid, I even worked at one. Which basically means that Capes-N-Babes is a story I know. It’s a story I lived.
In a lot of ways it reminds me of the movie Clerks. It’s the story of Marc, a guy, who works in a comic book shop and all the wacky goings on that occur there. Marc does exactly what anyone does in a comic book shop: argue about comics, awkwardly hit on the only hot chick whoever comes in and make fun of the other people in the shop. Really, its the geek mecca. And its hilarious.
Chris Flick, the writer/artist, has come up with a brilliant formula for the strip as well. Max and I have discovered that the hard thing about doing an episodic strip like this is that eventually, frankly you get sick of writing it. There are days where you just want to do something else. That’s why we have Hellcat Cosmos. Well, Chris has figured out something even smarter. When he wants to take a break from the story, he just does. So that means not only do we have a wonderful strip about quirky, dysfunctional guys in a comic shop, but sometimes we have a humorous one-off strip about superheroes or pop culture or politics or really whatever is on Chris Flick’s mind. Maybe that seems weird, but his sense of humor totally makes it work.
So you should definitely check it out. If you love comics (and I assume you do, because otherwise, why the hell would you be on this site in the first place) then it’s definitely worth a read. I laughed myself silly as I went through the archive. And if I haven’t sold you on it yet, then I’ve got one thing that totally will. Marc’s best friend, and the most frequent guest in the store is Roy. Roy is a werewolf. Why? Because if I’ve learned anything from doing Cosmic Hellcats this last year or so, it’s that anything is funnier if you have a character that is anthropomorphic furry for no particular reason whatsoever. He’s also a sex crazed werewolf. One of these days I’ll have to talk to him about doing a crossover strip. Roy and Sarah would probably get along great.