Hi Sarah!

Big fan here… and while I don’t think I have a ton of “issues” I do
need some advice.  My boyfriend lives far away from me.  And while
it’s not the kinds of light-years of travel you’re used to dealing with as far
as distance, I only get to see him maybe one weekend out of any month,
sometimes even less.  I really like to make sure our visits together are
totally fantabulous and my problem is this: I need more cute underthings to
wear when I want to show off for him.  I’ve tried going shopping at the
mall, but places like Victoria’s Secret seems to think girls should look like
little baby dolls or else like total whores… and I don’t like either of those
looks on me!  So please tell me, where do you manage to find all your
super sexy and fun lingerie?  I figure a smart girl-on-the-go like you
must know all the best places in the universe to shop.

Thanks sooooo much!

Planning for A New Thong In Earth’s Solar System


Planning a Thong –

I have a secret. Traveling at the speed of light is really
fast. But when you’re coving distances as far apart as galaxies… well, even
going that fast there is still a lot of downtime. So  you know what I do? I sew.


Yes, I know. Sewing? But she’s like totally super smart and
she has a Ph.D and all that jazz.  Sewing
goes against everything she worked hard for. But, it turns out, I really like
sewing. It’s a really good way to pass the time.


Also, consider this: There is no sexy space traveling outfit
store at any mall in any galaxy. And trust me, I’ve probably been to every mall
in every galaxy. Someone has to outfit the other hellcats.


So the point is this: You know what you like. You know what
you look good in. Sew it yourself! And don’t worry about how the seams will
hold up or how well made you first few attempts will turn out. If the work is a
little shaky, well, use it to your advantage and have him rip it off of you.


Super sexy!