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First of all, to any new readers, welcome. I hope you’re enjoying both the comic and the site. Take a look around, read all the back episodes starting with the first. Let us know what you think by commenting on the comics or sending us email. If you really enjoy what you’re reading, please consider buying the first issue of the paper comic in the Hellcats bookstore. It’s not just what you see here, it’s a completely new story featuring the girls and even some of their real photos. Like the one to the right.
Why are there new readers? Well, Max and I made the decision to start advertising. That’s brought a lot of new visitors to the site in the last 24 hours and hopefully even more to come in the coming days. 
We’re advertising through Project Wonderful. We’ve also decided to start selling ad space through them. There are now ad blocks available on this site Three square blocks in the ad sidebar all the way to the right of this page, eight button blocks across the very bottom of the page and one featured banner that appears throughout the site. Project Wonderful has a very interesting auction business plan approach to selling advertising. Rather than rotate ads, they’re constant until you’re outbid or you don’t want to pay anymore. It’s a pretty good system that I’ve been pretty happy with. So if you’ve got a website that you want to promote, please by all means, bid on one of our blocks there and you’ll be advertising here in no time.
And on to the “sexy stuff”. I had been meaning to put some shots of the girls “out of costume” up here on the site, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. It was always our intent to have this site be a little different by featuring pinups of the real girls to go along with their characters, so I decided to add a few today. That’s the real Amaya Solace above and below we have pics of the real Sarah Prankha, Chaste and Damsel Reed.
Again, I welcome all the new viewers, and I say thank you to everyone who’s been with us since the beginning or anywhere in between. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned so keep coming back.
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