I created the Cosmic Hellcats fanpics section, because I thought it would be cool to see some interpretations of the characters from other artists. And by interpretations, I was kind of expecting drawings. 
It really never dawned on me that we’d have people submitting photographs. But I think it’s great that they do. It seems everyone wants to be a Hellcat.
I couldn’t be happier.
This is from Lrayholly who has informed us that the one thing the Cosmic Hellcats team is missing is an older member. So she has created the character of Mz. Kittie, an elderly but feisty felinoid from back in the old days. I actually think the idea shows some promise. What do you think? Could Mz. Kittie be a Hellcat?
We’d love to see more people’s Hellcat creations, either photos or drawings and your interpretations of the official characters, or just any other comments about the comic or the site you happen to have. Please write us at We look forward to it.