Mav draws for Project Basement (again)

magik1.jpgA couple months ago, I was featured on Nick Marino's for his Project Basement project, drawing a character I hate, namely, Cable. Well, Nick's project also features web-comic artists doing characters they love, and my post for that is up today. So if you head over to Audioshocker, you'll see this drawing and my explanation of why I love the character of Illyana Rasputin, aka, Magik, of the New Mutants. 


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wow you and i should never discuss comics; Majik is one of my all time least favorite characters (along with Maggot, Dazzler and pretty much every Superman character ever).
granted i came into comes after she was de-aged; going back and reading the stories she came from she felt amazingly forced upon the reader just so Kitty could have another friend (just like cyber was forced upon us so Kitty could have a legal ages love interest).
she was then made focus of x-overs and stories.

honestly the best story she was ever evolved in was her "death" way back in the mid 90s.

and now she is back due to a hiccup in the universe post Hourse of M...


Well s'good thing we disagree so we can argue buwahahahaha.

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