Mav's draws for Project Basement

maverick-cable.pngFellow indy comic writer/artist Nick Marino of asked me to draw a picture or two for his Project Basement series. Project Basement is a collection of images of popular comic characters drawn by indy creators that Nick knows. For volume 2, Nick asked us to draw our LEAST favorite characters and give an explanation of why we don't like the character. After giving it a bit of thought, I decided that I'd use Cable. 

Check out the post over on AudioShocker to see the full sized image, read my write up and let me (and Nick) know what you think.

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cable wasn't created by liefeld he was created by the previous new mutant writers and the editorial staff; although he gets credit for him for some reason.
i get allot of shit for this but i actually like liefeld most of the time, his art may not be the best, but its engrossing, at least to me.

as for cable's character check out cable/deadpool for a great step forward for the character (although he's dead non isn't he?)

no, trust me, he was created by Liefeld. Liefeld claims that he was created by him under the direction of then current editor Bob Harras. However, that'd be odd because Liefeld only joined the book in issue #86, and Cable premiered in issued #87 (well, he had a cameo in #86), and it was pretty unheard of to give an artist that much writing control back then. Anyway, at the time, the writer of the book was Louise Simonson, and she had been the writer of the book since issue #55. She would remain the writer of record until issue #97, with Liefeld getting more and more creative control as time went on. Prior to Liefeld, the regular artist had been Brett Blevins who started the same time as Simonson (#55). There had been two fill-in artists with one issue each between Blevins and Liefeld, but they don't count. Prior to Simonson, the writer had been Claremont, who wrote from issue #1 to #54, none of which have any trace of Cable and Claremont never cared for the character even afterwards. Oh, and during half of that, Louise Simonson herself served as Claremont's editor.

So anyway, the point is, there was no previous writing/editing staff. Prior to Liefeld (and Cable) jumping into the book, Simonson had already been writing the book for 2.5 years and there's no hint of him at all in any of them (I was a big fan and read it religiously). Depending on who you ask, Liefeld was either "Asked to design a new leader for the book he was just starting on and told to flesh out the history for said character despite the fact that he hadn't even debuted the book yet, had only 3 years comic experience, no writing experience, and the actual writer of the book had 16 years of industry experience and had been associated with the title in question for MOST of it's existence" (Liefeld's version) or "he just drew a picture, gave it a name and started turning in pages and making everyone else deal with it" (everyone else's version). It's pretty undisputed that Liefeld came up with the character. So much so that there was a dispute for a while as to who owned the actual writes to the character name (hence him being called Soldier X for a while).

And I know he's popular, but I never cared much for Deadpool either. I'm old school. :-)

i won't lie early cable sucked, then never mind the horrible loeb stuff, but they worked to fix him for a long time.

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