Capes'N'Babes Pinup

Capes’N’Babes Pinup

Today’s Guest Pinup is by Chris Flick of the comic Capes’N’Babes. Capes’N’Babes is about the misadventures of the employees of a comic book store. One of whom just so happens to be a werewolf. It’s very funny so check it out at Oh, and by the way, yes the girls are wearing Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfits, and yet… everyone knows that the Pittsburgh Steelers are totally the favored team of the Felinius System. But they’re uhhh… undercover… yeah, that’s it!

Oh, and as an added treat, a while back, I did a pinup for the Capes’N’Babes collected book. I figured I might as well show that here. (Click it to enlarge)