Tess, The World’s Smartest Cat

Today’s comic is dedicated to my pet cat, Tess. Tess became suddenly ill this last weekend. After spending some time at the vet it was determined that she had late stage kidney failure due to stones as well as cancer that had begun to spread to her other organs. At nearly seventeen, Tess was an exceptionally healthy cat, so for her to suddenly be so ill and so ill and so bad off was a big surprise.

This morning, my fiancee and I had to make the decision to put her to sleep. It was quite clear that there was nothing that could be done for her. In a few days time, she had lost half of her body weight, gone blind and had begun to have trouble moving. As much as we love her, we could not allow her to suffer any longer.

Tess was probably the smartest cat I have ever known and she was fiercely independent. So much so that when we bought our current house, she essentially took over one of the bedrooms (the one intended to be used as my fiancee’s home office) for her own. The photo attached to this entry is one of my favorites of her. Tess particularly enjoyed the board game Trivial Pursuit, so much so that when we would play she would do her best to join in. I told you she was very smart.

She was a beloved part of our family and we will miss her forever. Thank you, Tess for being a part of our lives.