First of all, Happy Memorial Day to all of our fans in the United States. Whether you’re celebrating with a family BBQ or participating in a solemn remembrance of fallen servicemen, we thank you for your continued support of the comic. If you’re in the Philadelphia area next weekend, be sure to join us for the Wizard World comic convention that we announced a few days ago.

Next, introducing Godric. Godric is the Prince of Oznia. The mystical land that Kinkerbell is from. Fairies come in all shapes, colors and sizes, which is why he’s so much bigger than she is. Also, you’ll note that our Hellcats experienced a small costume change on their transport. That’s a little homage to a film that pretty much only I liked. But oh well.

Lastly, Amaya doesn’t know what a butterfly is. That’s because they no longer exist in the Hellcat Universe, which you might know if you read last years issue, Da Kitty Code.(which is of course, now available for purchase in paper form) As for why? Errr, blame Chaste. Yay continuity.

Hope you’ve enjoying the strip. Let us know in the comments.