So I was all set to make a post here announcing our newest Hellcat Models, Charlie, Bliss and Bambii and then I thought to myself: “You know what I don’t think I’ve ever done? I don’t think I’ve ever posted all the pics of all the Hellcat Models in one gallery.” Since we’re celebrating the end of the last storyline and in guest week and all, I figured as a special treat I’d post them for all of you wonderful readers who are nice enough to check on us during our guest week (and who scroll down and read the blog). So here are all 18 of the Hellcat Models, complete with their logos. If you run into us at a comic book convention, you may even get to meet one or two of them. And if not, well we hope you enjoy this anyway. Oh, and the trade paperback versions of the comics have these pics and far more of the girls (hint, “more” is codeword for sexier and with less clothes) in them as well. So that’s even more reason to buy them if you don’t have them already. They’re available from our Hellcat Bookstore, care of IndyPlanet comics. Check it out. Anyway, let me know what you think of the pics. Which girl is your favorite? Enjoy!