Well, as you probably noticed last week was the end of our TEDD-IJAµ Adventures arc. I hope you enjoyed it. (and if you did, by all means, please buy a copy of the print edition, which contains bonus pinups of both the real life Riley and the real life Goldie Loxx and is available, along with all of our other print comics on the Hellcats Bookstore page.) Max and I have a couple ideas for a new back up strip that will hopefully start soon, but we’re not quite ready for that yet. I’m in grad school these days and have a couple big papers to work on over the next month and Max is in the middle of a blitz to finish up his new album for his band, Shutterdown (and by the way, he’s currently doing a fundraising drive so if you’d like to preorder the album and get some other cool extras, you should check that out. Every little bit helps).

So anyway, while we’re gearing up for the next project, we thought we’d spend a few weeks showing some guest art on Thursdays (Mondays will continue to be Cosmic Hellcat Adventures and Saturdays will continue to be Hellcat Cosmos). These won’t necessarily be comics, in the purest sense. One of the things Max and I both love most is seeing how other people than ourselves see our characters. So it’s always fun to see a pinup by an artist that isn’t me or him. We hope you enjoy them as well.

And if you’re a webcomic artist and you want to submit one, then by all means please do, by sending us mail at feedback@cosmichellcats.com. We’ll link back to your site when we publish it.