10-12-06 (Photo credit: chrismaverick)

So if you’ve been checking the site since this weekend, you’ll notice we’ve updated things a bit around here. I hope you like them. The changes aren’t just visual, there’s a few new features and some more that I hope to be rolling out soon.

First, the site is now powered by Comic Easel, a newer comic hosting software package than our old package (Comicpress). Comic Easel allows me a little better sense of customization than the old site did.

The first customization is the new character hovercards. If you look under any comic, you’ll see a list of characters that appear in the comic. Hover your mouse cursor over one and you should get a bio for the character as well as a link to the first and most recent strips they’ve appeared in. This is actually a plugin to Comic Easel that I’m developing personally, so no other site has it yet. But trust me, it’s totally the future.

There are also hovercards now in the comment section for anyone who has a gravatar profile linked to the address that you use to comment here on Hellcats. If you’re not familiar with gravatars, check their website. It’s a good way to personalize your comment avatar across a great many sites on the web, and it’s free.

There are a few other features that are installed and more to come. I’ll be announcing them as soon as I get them all done. In the meantime, please excuse us if something doesn’t work quite right. And if you encounter a bug of some kind, then by all means, write us at feedback@cosmichellcats.com or comment here. And definitely, let us know what you think of the new site as well.

And just because there’s no image that really goes with this post, and to thank you all for being fans, here’s a modeling photo I shot of our own Sarah Prankha a while back in a non-hellcats shoot.  Enjoy!


Sarah & Starr 12

Sarah & Starr 12 (Photo credit: chrismaverick)