Sarah and Ramirez and Deadmice

Sarah and Ramirez with deadmau5 cosplayers at Wizard World Philadelphia 2012

Max and I were joined by Sarah and Ramirez at Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend. We had the honor of sitting at a booth between longtime Spiderman artist, Alex Saviuk,  and creator of hentai manga La Blue Girl, Toshio Maeda, as well as directly across from our good friend, and creator of Zorphbert and Fred, Dawn Griffin. I even bought one of Dawn’s new limited edition Zorphbert and Fred figurines. In fact, I have #2! When they become superrare after there’s like a Zorphbert and Fred movie by Pixar, I’m going to sell it on ebay for a gazillion dollars. It makes me want to get Cosmic Hellcat Action Figures made (but those are expensive, so everyone go and buy tons of our books so maybe we can do that someday). It was great seeing all of them and so many others.

In my attempt to be timely with photos from cons from now on (remember when it used to take me a year to get them put up), here are the photos that we took at the show. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go back again next year.

If you happen to have any photos of us, or the girls, please send them to us at and we’ll add them to the site. Hopefully we’ll be returning to Wizard World Philly in the future and we hope to meet more fans at future shows in other places.