Katt & Dawg #1: The Beagle Protocols

Katt & Dawg #1: The Beagle Protocols

Hi everyone. I hope you’re enjoying the new forma of the new comic. There’s another surprise coming Thursday, so be sure to check back.

So if you were paying attention a few days ago, I announced that as always Max and I (and several of the real life Hellcats) will be appearing at Pittsburgh Comicon 2012 this weekend. So if you’re anywhere near the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, be sure to come on down and meet us and meet the girls.

Because, and here’s the exciting news, we’ll be premiering not one, not two, but THREE new books this weekend, as well as selling posters of the girls. And of course we (and the girls) will be signing everything we sale. And if you can’t make it down, then by all means you can still order them.

So what do we have? Well, of course to start there’s the yearly collection of books. Da Kitty Code is the story that just finished. 52 pages of Hellcat action plus bonus pinups of two of our newest Hellcats, Delilah and Bella (both of whom will be appearing with us at this weekend’s con). It’s available for only $5.99 from Indyplanet.

Next we have Cosmic Hellcats Anthology #2. This collects Da Kitty Code as well as last year’s story, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Doomsday, as well as the “Raining Katt & Dawg” mini-comic we ran a few months ago, and several Hellcat Cosmoses. To top it off, we have bonus features of the Hellcat’s sketchbook and pinups of several of the Hellcat models. If you’re a Cosmic Hellcats fan, and you picked up last year’s Cosmic Hellcats Anthology #1 (still available), then at 144 pages, this is the perfect companion volume. $24.99 from Indyplanet.

And finally, something very special to me. A year in the making, we have Katt and Dawg #1. If you enjoyed seeing them in the comic this year, then you’re going to want to check this out. Written and drawn by me, this is a Sin City style, Mature Readers Only (that means theres naughty words, sex, nudity and violence… lots and lots of violence) print only adventure starring Katt and Dawg off on their own back on Kaneon-3. This is 24 page of 100% NSFW material (plus bonus pinups), and so it won’t ever being appearing on the site here, but we’re hoping to do more Hellcat spinoffs in the future. So if you want to see more of these, then please pick this one up. I really want to know what people think. $4.99 from Indyplanet.

And of course, all three of these books (plus all of our old ones) are listed on the Hellcat Bookstore page so that you know where you can find them.

Hope to see some of you this weekend and make sure you come back on Thursday for something all new and different.