BCC2011-5.jpgCheck it out! Right on time with photos from Baltimore Comicon 2011! I rule! (yeah, don’t expect this to be a habit.)

Anyway, Max and I went to Baltimore Comicon last weekend. As you can see from today’s comic as well as the main photo on this entry, we not only took Sarah with us, but we also brought Riley along to her very first comic book convention. Some of you might remember that Riley was supposed to be with us in Pittsburgh this year, but a mishap with her uniform meant she couldn’t make it. That problem was remedied however and she was available at the Cosmic Hellcats booth to take photos with our fans all last weekend. As you can see from this photo as well as the Cosmos from today, Riley’s inaugural trip was not without a bit of adventure, but hopefully she agrees to come to future shows nonetheless.
Lots of people showed up for the costly contest this year, so I have even more photos than normal. No complaints. I’m always amazed at what people come up with.
Baltimore was a great show and we look forward to going back next year.
If you have any photos with us or the girls from Baltimore Comicon (or any of the others we’ve gone to) please mail them to us at feedback@cosmichellcats.com so we can post them here.
Thank you to everyone who came out to meet us this weekend, and watch this space for updates to other conventions that we’ll be attending.

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