BCC2010-11.jpgYes, that’s right, 2010!

Max and I went to Baltimore Comicon 2011 last weekend (more on that soon) and while I was going through all the pictures I took at it, I realized that I’m a horrible awful person and I never got around to posting the pictures I took last year at Baltimore Comicon 2010. Better late than never, right?
Well, it’s going to have to be!
Anyway, I figured I might as well do that now. And tomorrow I’ll put up pics from Pittsburgh Comicon 2011. And then by Saturday, I should be caught up with pics from Baltimore Comicon 2011. 
You know, assuming I don’t slack off more. (I’m trying not to… I promise!)

BCC2010-1.jpg BCC2010-2.jpg BCC2010-3.jpg BCC2010-6.jpg

BCC2010-4.jpg BCC2010-5.jpg BCC2010-8.jpg
BCC2010-7.jpg BCC2010-9.jpg BCC2010-10.jpg BCC2010-12.jpg BCC2010-13.jpg
BCC2010-14.jpg BCC2010-15.jpg BCC2010-16.jpg BCC2010-17.jpg BCC2010-18.jpg BCC2010-19.jpg
BCC2010-20.jpg BCC2010-21.jpg BCC2010-22.jpg