conspiracy-time-posters.jpgI am pleased to announce that we have in fact found three winners for our Kitty Code Contest. Not only are all three regular readers of the strip, but all three are regular enough readers that we’ve based characters in the comic on them.

First place went to TomKane of Texas. Tom has been reading the strip since the beginning, and we based the pirate T’Kane on him. Tom wrote in less than two hours after the strip went up and scored a perfect 16 out of 16 with the clues on the Professor’s wall.
Second place went to Jameel of Pennsylvania. This is appropriate as the character of Prof AlKhafiz (who made the wall) is based on him. Jameel scored at 15.5 out of 16.
Finally, third place went to Bairdduvessa of South Carolina, of whom, the rigellian B’rd D’vessa is obviously named after. Baird managed to score 15 out of 16 correct answers.
All three will receive a copy of the the third issue of Cosmic Hellcat Adventures (collecting the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Doomsday arc) signed by both Max and myself.
And now the answers to the clues:
  1. a movie poster from the film “12 Monkeys
  2. a photo of Admiral Kitty Hawk
  3. The shadowed silhouetted of Garfield the Cat, currently being used as an avatar by the mysterious Tabby Cat in this story arc.
  4. a photo of Albert Einstein
  5. The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci
  6. The seal of the Freemasons
  7. an explanation of wormhole based time travel featuring the Tardis from Doctor Who
  8. Calvin and Hobbes in a time machine made from a cardboard box
  9. a movie poster from the film “Hot Tub Time Machine
  10. the Klein Bottle ship that is home to Jessi and Junior from the “A Giant Mess” story arc.
  11. Doc Brown‘s first sketch of the Flux Capacitor from the film “Back to the Future
  12. H.G. Wells’ Time Machine from the film of the same name.
  13. “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci
  14. the Speed Formula utilized by Johnny Quick (and his daughter Jesse)
  15. the time traveling DeLorean, again from the film “Back to the Future
  16. the Ancient Pyramids at Giza (or in this storyline Kaneon-9)
If you’ve been paying attention, some of these things have already made appearances in the current storyline, others are clues to things that are still to come. We hope you’re enjoying the story so far. Keep commenting on the comics or writing us at and let us know.
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