dakittycodecontest.jpgSo if you’ve been reading Cosmic Hellcats from the beginning, you might have noticed that we’re fond of hiding random pop culture references in the artwork. You might have noticed that we’ve done something like that today. Well, it’s not really random. You see, the Professor has been hard at work collecting clues for their current mission. That’s what’s hanging on the wall in the final panel of today’s comic.

But do you recognize all of them?
Max and I have decided to run a contest. We’re giving away three signed copies of the recently released Cosmic Hellcat Adventures #3, which collects the third year of stories from the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Doomsday arc. All you have to do to win is be one of the first three people to correctly identify all 16 clues hidden on the wall and mail them to us at feedback@cosmichellcats.com with the subject “CrackingDaKittyCode.” if you’re one of the first three people and you have all of the answers right, we’ll mail you back and ask for your address and send you a signed copy. Don’t post your guesses to this entry or the comic or you’ll be giving the answers away.
Pretty easy, huh?
To make it easier, you can click the image on this entry to see a large version of the panel. Once we have three winners, I’ll post another blog entry telling everyone who won and what the answers were.
And if you don’t know all of the answers, Issue #3 is still available for purchase from IndyPlanet along with all of our other comics on the bookstore page.
Good luck!

If you don’t know them all for sure. Go ahead and take a guess. If we don’t have three winners by June 16th, we’ll award the prizes to whoever got closest.