pool-5.jpgLook there’s Sarah being all sexy. That got your attention, didn’t it? More on that later. 

I want to offer a quick apology to our readers. We’ve been missing a lot of your comments. I just went through the past month of comments in our spam folder (that’s several thousand comments) and found several legitimate comments in there that Max and I had just missed before and never approved to be published. We love hearing from people who read the comic (and the blog) so we feel really bad about that. 

All the comments I found that were legit have now been published and the spam deleted but I’m afraid there could have easily been others that we missed. For that I am truly very sorry.
I don’t want that to happen anymore. So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve turned OFF anonymous comments. Where previously, you could comment without an account here, so long as you left your email address and waited for Max or I to approve your comment, now you have to register for the site and/or use a Facebook account to comment (hopefully, I’ll be able to get Twitter accounts working soon too, but I’ve been having problems with the plugin for that). Registration is quite easy, just go here and fill out the form. Once you do, any comments you make on the site will be accepted automatically. The same for the Facebook commenters.
Sorry for all the trouble with this, but hopefully this will in the long run mean we’ll see more comments and less (or even no) spam.
So please take a moment and sign-up now. To thank you all for being so understanding, here’s a bonus pic of the real life Sarah being all sexy and well… Sarah-ish. In fact, here’s a nice little added bonus for all of her fans. Real life Sarah is a model on a glamour/erotica website called Zivity. Where I’m also a photographer. The first 10 people who sign up for accounts here on Hellcats and comment on this entry saying “hey Mav, give me sexy Sarah pictures” or something to that effect, I’ll send a free trial membership to Zivity to. That’ll get you a free month of looking at lots of photos of her (as well as the real Trix) and about 1000 other sexy models. 
Anyway, sorry again, and thanks for reading. Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out who it is that Chaste, Damsel and Andrew have run into. 
See you then,
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