spf_logo.jpgIf you’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this weekend, then consider coming to the Pittsburgh Small Press Festival where Mav and Max will have a booth promoting the comic. The show is Saturday and Sunday, 9/25-26 and runs from noon to 5pm each day. You’ll be able to buy signed copies of the comic as well as Mav’s new nude photography book, Black and Light, which features some of your favorite Hellcat models as well as many other beautiful models that he’s shot over the last few years.

On Sunday there will be a panel of web comic artists discussing the process of self-publication that runs from 2pm until 3pm. Mav will be one of the featured speakers there, so that’s definitely worth checking out.
If you can’t make it, then you still have a chance to order Mav’s book at the link above or pick up any of the Cosmic Hellcats comics from the links on Hellcats Bookstore page on this site. We’d love your support.
And finally, if you haven’t done so already, please check out the interview Mav and Max did with Amy Letts of the webcomic Epic Fail. The interview is in two parts, so go check out part 1 and part 2 when you get a chance. 

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