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As I said the other day, I’ve been doing a few things to improve the connectivity of by adding some additional features and plugins that allow access through other popular websites. So we’ve now added a twitterfeed. Follow us on Twitter at @cosmichellcats.

What’s going to be there? Well, we’re still figuring that out. We’ll probably announce new comics and blog posts automatically, since that’s easy and probably useful (though maybe not. We’ll see how annoying it is) and Max and I will just tweet about anything else that comes to mind that doesn’t warrant a full blog posting.
In addition, we’ve added “tweet this” buttons to every comic and blog post. This, along with the Facebook “Like” buttons should make it easier to share your favorite Hellcat strips with your friends. 
I’m also working on making it so you can use your twitter account to comment on the strip, just like I added with facebook accounts but that’s not quite ready yet (and yes, I know the facebook one is still buggy. Working on it. Really I am). In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions for things you’d like to see here (or any of these changes that we’ve been making recently that you don’t like), please comment and let us know (or email us at But for now, it’s back to coloring tomorrow’s strip for me. It’ll be featuring Sarah and Fluffy, so come back in a few hours to check it out.
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