So as Max said earlier, I had a massive hard drive crash this week which pretty much put my computer out of commission since Tuesday. This meant that there was no Cosmic Hellcat Adventure ready for Thursday and Max was nice enough to produce an emergency Hellcat Cosmos chronicling my (and Fluffy’s) plight. The funny thing is, Fluffy was just bragging about his backups the other day.
Anyway, It took a few days, but my computer is restored from backups, with a brand spanking new hard drive. And as of a few hours ago, all of the data has been restored. The problem was, without a computer the last few days I was unable to work on the strip that was supposed to air Thursday (and thus postponed til today). But since I had a bit of free time, I decided to pencil a Cosmos of my own, which is what you’re seeing as today’s strip. Once the strip was done and my computer restored, I scanned it and quickly inked it in a nifty little program I picked up several months ago (but never really got much chance to play with) called Manga Studio. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I like it and I think I need to play with it some more. If any other comic artists out there are reading this, I highly recommend you take a look at it. Between that, and my trusty Wacom tablet, it’s has a great “inking” feel to it.
Anyway, in order to get back on schedule, we’re going to run one more Cosmos on Monday and then the regular story will be back next Thursday with the return of everyone’s favorite Vulpinoids, the Starfoxes!
Thank you so much for bearing with us.