So as you can see by our handy dandy little pledge graph, we’ve hit our goal of $1200, so we will in fact be publishing and we will be taking Cosmic Hellcats back to Pittsburgh Comicon with the new books to boot. 
Since we still have some time left on the pledge drive, I’ve decided to try something else as well. We’re going to try to put together ANOTHER book just in time for Comicon. This will be an all original project. New art. New stories. New Characters. But still in the Hellcats universe. I’ve already contacted some other artists about working on it with me, and they seem excited. I’m not sure exactly how much we’re going to have yet, but it’s definitely going to be fun. 
So here’s what I’m asking for. If we can make another $500 in pledges by the cut off date (meaning a minimum of $1730 in pledges) I’ll throw in the extra book for everyone who’s pledged at least $10 or more (including all the old pledges). So if you’ve already pledged and want to add more, you can or you can tell your comic loving friends to do the same so that you get more stuff. And if you haven’t pledged yet, well… what are you waiting for? Now is the time. There’s good stuff to be gotten.
Seriously, thank you all for the help. I hope you’re as excited about this as we are.