So I’ve talked about Zivity before. It’s a pinup site that the real life Sarah and I work for sometimes. 
Anyway, we put a new photoset of her up there this week, including this shot that is pretty much my all time favorite of her. 
We’re also running a couple contests there. So if you happen to be a Zivity member, head on over there and vote for our set “Black and Light.” The person who votes the most times before the end of will win an 8×10 print. Sarah has promised a “secret prize” to whoever votes the most on any of her most recent four photosets (they’re not all by me). So I’ve offered that if the person who votes the most, also voted the most on my set (again, that’s Black and Light) that I’d make it a 16×20 print instead. So you’d win a couple things. What could be better than that? 
And if you’re not a member of Zivity, well then by all means, go sign up there now. What are you waiting for? Even if you didn’t win, you’d get to see tons of hot pictures of your favorite over sexed hellcat (well, or even better, the real life model that she’s based on) and tons and tons and tons of pictures of other gorgeous women in various states of undress. I can’t recommend it enough. So check it out!